Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not impressed with Palin...

Instituted a huge debt burden for her constituents to pay..

Supported and passed a huge windfall profits tax on oil companies.

Supports American interventionism overseas.

Believes in big government.

Guess what, I'm not talking about Obama. It's the recently retired GOP darling, Sarah Palin!

I feel like today's Right is fawning over her like they did over Ronald Reagan. She talks like a libertarian but, governs like a liberal. She has that small town, folksy appeal and, she's beautiful. There's alot to like, but when you peel back the shiny exterior you find another tax confiscator and big spender. Therein describes much of the GOP today.

Reagan did the same, he talked small government, a return to the gold standard, de-regulation and the like. His results were no where near this. In fact he increased government spending more than his predecessor, Jimmy Carter.

Palin says that now she will campaign for cutting government spending and fiscal conservatism. Right.....

All while she continues the tradition of beating the dead horse of Old Right Conservatism into the ground.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

right to defense EXCEPT when offender is the State

A man gets shot by an intruder on his own land, the killer publicly admits to it and walks away scot free.

You may think to yourself, is this bizarro world? Almost!

Home invasions have been the big story in many metro areas across the country. A home invasion usually involves crooks busting into property and making a mad dash for valuables during broad daylight.

The question is, what if that invader is the State? Well, here's the answer: If the State is the invader, the State gets free reign and suffers virtually no consequences.

Clyde Coffey hunts on his own private property and had likely done so for years. He sees an unknown man on his land and shoots him.

Officer Mike Minton of the Wildlife Commission was "checking for hunting licenses, bag limits and bait traps" on Coffey's private property. Is this not trespassing? Only if you are not employed by the State.

Coffey then demands that the tax devourer leave his property. This alone should have prompted Minton to leave. But, since his employed with the State, he is not considered a trespasser.

This story got little traction in the mainstream media because it would question the government.

But a story of a man getting killed by an intruder and that intruder being cleared is not news?

God bless Clyde Coffey and his family.