Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The okey doke..

When I was growing up, the okey doke was a term used for something that one knew was false but was being perpetrated as true.

For example, the American people were given the "okey doke" on Iraq's WMD threats.

Today, republicans are now trying to portray themselves as the party of limited government, controlled government spending, liberty and all-around libertarians.

Thats called the okey doke.

If you look closely you'll so no real policy change coming from the republicans. I see nothing about abolishing the funny money Federal Reserve, bringing our troops home from our overseas empire, quitting the ill-fated "war on drugs", etc etc. I see no major republican operative or elected official publicly calling for any major changes. They cant do it because they'd be insulting their beloved W. Bush.

All I hear is vague "we're spending too much", "too much debt" and "we need to cut taxes." I see it as willfull ignorance.

The questions I want answered are, "what things do we cut?" "How did we get into so much debt?"

Unfortunately we wont see these answered, save for Ron Paul.

The time is ripe for a third party to fill the void! Will it be the Libertarian party? The Constitution party? Come on guys lets do this!

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