Friday, December 12, 2008

Libertarian Geneses

Genesis of a libertarian....
Probably started around 2003 with the commencing of the Iraq War.

I was a registered Democrat, but was already beginning to question the Democratic party platform and turning toward the Republican party platform.

I, for the life of me, could not understand why we were going to war against a country that was no threat to us and had nothing to do with 9/11. I watched in disbelief as our president, Secretary of State, and others steadily told us that Iraq was ready to attack us at any time. I asked myself many times, “How could this be?

I thought to myself, "We control most of their airspace and we still have a presence in the Persian Gulf, how can they possibly attack us?" But no, no sense of reason found anywhere!

Even my My church was strangely silent on this issue. Virtually nothing was being said regarding this outright lie being perpetrated on myself and other Americans with any degree of sense. I thought to myself that it could possibly be the biggest lie ever. Was I in the Matrix? Is this Bizarro World? How come no one else thought this way?

Fast forward to the 2004 presidential elections. All around me, in “evangelical christian” circles all I heard about was abortion and homosexual marriage. Can the government solve the moral problems of our day? I knew this was impossible. But yet, all I heard in Christian Conservative NeoCon cirles was, “We need a marriage amendment!” I myself did not agree with abortion or homosexual marriage, but what about this Iraq War? What about practical solutions to today's problems? Again, silence.....

Therefore, I gave up politics after the 2004 election. I felt disenfranchised. No one to vote for...
Now, he we are at the 2008 election season. Ho hum..another predictable election season. One fateful evening, I happened to be watching the Republican debates and there he was, Ron Paul!
He was talking about sound money ( I was just beginning to understand the destructive nature of the fed). The Gold Standard, the Constitution. States rights.
He was the only Republican running who was against the Iraq War.

He wanted to abolish the IRS and cut the federal government significantly. Was this guy perfect or what?
I started reading more and more about Dr. Paul. That brought me to I was reading all kinds of libertarian articles. Wow! People basically writing exactly what I believed!
I researched Dr. Paul. I found out he was a libertarian. I read and read all I could about this belief in true liberty.

Fast forward to today. Though still libertarian, I now most likely relate to the anarcho-capitalist position.

I am now a full blooded libertarian. Always will be.

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