Friday, December 12, 2008

Liberty's view of Government and Marriage....

Today I was listening to some “black conservatives” saying how they are so disgusted over how Newsweek had a picture of blacks in the “Jim Crow” era being denied basic services at “whites only” establishments. To their horror, Newsweek has the gall to compare that era to the denial of basic rights to homosexuals who want to marry.

Black “conservatives” are an interesting bunch. There are the neo-cons, the ones who look at Bush as their Idol and believe he can do know wrong. There are the paleo-cons, who want to go back to black nationalism and self-help as the way blacks should conduct themselves today. Then there are all those in between. I suppose that's the same everywhere.

I am neither and don't care to be either. I am extremely anti-state. I most readily identify with the anarcho-capitalist position. I also know those Jim Crow photos don't tell the whole story. There were plenty of successful black folks in those days, in spite of Jim Crow, who get virtually no coverage. There are some who would argue that Black folks where better off before the civil rights struggle than after. But, thats another discussion.

I got off the race-based politics, movements, and etc long ago. I now figure we all die someday, who cares how much melanin you've got in your skin. Eventually this world system will end and so will race based policies and politics. Kinda morbid, but really, think about it!
When I look at pictures like the one in the recent Newsweek magazine I think of the inherent evil of men and one of the most evil combinations in all of history, Hate Plus State.
Hate plus the power of the state is a leviathan. Jim Crow was the enactment of laws meant to separate the races AND keep black Americans at a level that appeared to be subservient to White Americans.

Even in the height of Jim Crow, Black Americans managed to have enormous success. Look at the stories of Madame C.J. Walker, S.B. Fuller, John H. Johnson as well as countless others.
Without the power of the State, hate has a check on its ability. Without it, things like Jim Crow produced numerous anti-miscegenation laws against Blacks and Whites and other races intermarrying.

Now how could that be? If one person of one race and one person of another race want to get married who is the government to say they can't get married? I know who, a person or persons who with racist attitudes and with the power to make racist laws says so.

I know that there will be some racist folks who will only want to deal with others of their own race. However, without the power of the state, that would severely limit their success.
Rightly so, these and other Jim Crow laws where shot down by the Supreme Court. They should have gone another step further and gotten government out of marriage all together!

Now two men and/or two women want to get married, if some church wants to bless gay marriage, let them deal with the consequences.

Now, for the record, I myself do not agree with the lifestyle of homosexuality. I believe marriage is between one man and one woman. If anyone asks me, homosexuality is a sin among many sins. I cannot accept that lifestyle as a normal one and I have a right to feel that way. So do folks who think homosexual marriage is right.

Nevertheless, I still cannot expect the government to step in and force folks to recognize my marriage and others. I don't care if they do or don't. A truly free society does that on its own.
Marriage is a religious function. It is done in the church. Leave it at that.

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