Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama's speech...

I guess I'll weigh in on the Great Obamanator's speech today.

First off all of the criticism is phoney. Conservatives complaining of indoctrination need to get their kids out of the public schools and ignore compulsory attendance laws. Now, of course they won't ever do that.

If you want to make a conservative upset, ask them "why do you only agree with Right Wing Socialism and, isnt that an oxymoron?" That may leave them stammering and at a loss for words. Conservatives just say these libertarian things because they sound good with the Obamanator in office. But, let a Republican get back in office and its back to extreme nationalism and all dissenters must be wacko liberals! You could also ask, "when's the last time Republicans actually cut government?"

But, I digress. Principled opposition pushes for alternative free market educational options. No laws stating that you MUST go to school. Free market education could include all kinds of trade schools for all ages, science schools, medical education beginning at younger ages, who knows?

Free markets and voluntary education -- these are the solutions.

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