Sunday, November 1, 2009

Go back to what? It's all relative!!!

when was america a beacon of freedom and liberty?

1776? -- somewhat, but there was forced labor -- slavery.
1950's? -- somewhat but there were jim crow laws, black codes, socialism, etc.

1990s? -- somewhat, but there was massive socialism, high confiscatory property and income taxes.

today? -- somewhat...

We've never been at a point in America where we could realistically call ourselves the beacon of freedom. Maybe RELATIVE to other nations but not that much better.

Whenever I hear old folks yearn for the "good 'ol days", I wonder what they're talking about.
Maybe they mean when they were younger and didnt have a care in the world. I can relate to that.

Let''s see....
Government / The State is sinful.
the Bible even says things will get worse and worse.
Nothing wrong with trying to make things better, we are called to do that.

Us Christians should then spend more time telling lost people about Jesus!!!

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