Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keep Christ in "mass Consumerism", er Christmas?

Bill OReilly, Focus on the Family and other christian groups are always trying to cast secularism as the real enemy of christianity in America when they aren't.

So what people arent saying "merry christmas" enough in the stores today? That should be applauded! We should not want Christ associated with massive debt and out of control spending.

The real enemy of christianity in America has always been american christians and their hypocrisy, idolatry and overall lack of biblical knowledge. They continuously besmirch the holy name of Christ and then try to blame secularists for the problems of today.

"There's a war on Christmas, O'Reilly recently reminded viewers, driven by those who "loathe the baby Jesus."
-- they don't loath Jesus, Mr. O'Reilly. They love Jesus. They'll do anything to make money, Jesus is making them money. American christians like yourself who support bombings of foreigners and care nothing for Iraqi Christians by supporting the Iraq invasion are the real problem.

Enter this surprising (at least to me) and refreshing group, Advent Conspiracy founded by pastor Rick McKinley.

These folks ARE fighting the hypocrisy and the idolatry of todays Christian Right. They are trying to get American christians to reject the mass consumerism of Christmas altogether and to focus on Christ's message of humility, service and obedience on a daily basis.

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