Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Support the Free Competition in Currency Act!

Ron Paul is trying again to release the government's stranglehold on our money. The feds need to be able to 1.) Print money at their whim and give it their friends, here and domestic FIRST and 2.) force the peasants (U.S. Taxpayers) to use it for all transactions.

Ron Paul, in his long standing tradition of trying to subvert the Federal Reserve, introduces this Act in order to make a dent in the Fed's armor.

An astonishingly low number of people realize that money is really nothing but a medium of exchange. Even fewer realize that printing more money makes each unit of money, i.e. the dollar, worth less in value (supply and demand). The Federal Reserve and it's supporters on the left, right and center realize that the Federal Reserve must be supported at all costs. It is the foundation of power for national politicians and allows them to do things (innumerable social programs, illegal wars, nation building) that would be unworkable without unpopular higher taxes.

Lets see how many self proclaimed fiscal conservatives join Ron Paul on this one.

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