Sunday, January 10, 2010

Extra! Extra! The GOP says I should be offended!!!

Harry Reid makes a comment stating that Barack Obama would not have been president had he had a "Negro dialect" or wasn't dark-skinned. The GOP, never missing a chance to pounce on the supposedly racist comments of the "other side", says there's a double standard since Democrats can say racist things and get away with them but the GOP cannot.

What gives?

Is what Reid said racist? I don't think so. A Negro dialect...that must mean "hood talk". I know of this very well. Its a type of slang that black folks use mostly around other black folks. Now maybe the term "negro" is what the supposed outrage is all about, but who cares? Apparently everyone does.

Would a "jive talking" black man have made it all the way to the white house? Maybe not, thats my opinion. Obama made countless attempts to show he would not rock the boat. He could never be seen as the angry black man so he kept his cool all the time. He made sure to show that he would always continue the welfare state, the warfare state and basically do everything he could to keep the financial house of cards standing.

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