Saturday, January 30, 2010

Obama is a conservative??

When I saw the the title of this post by Anthony Gregory, by I was a bit puzzled. However after reading it I have to say that I agree. Modern conservatism supports nationalism, statism, American Exceptionalism, perpetual war and socialism. Obama embodies all of these characteristics.

Just think about it. Today most conservatives now populate the tired Tea Party protests. I suspect that the Tea Party has been taken over by these conservatives. Don't believe me? Pull one of them aside and ask them what they think of the Iraq War, the American Empire, Medicare, Medicaid or the Income Tax. Most if not all of them will tell you of their support of these socialist monstrosities.

The Tea Party protests for example. The original tea party was a over a dispute over a relatively small tax rate. Today, when you consider property, sales, state income, federal income, capital gains, excise, estate and all other kinds of taxes, it's near 50% of your income! Yet virtually every one of these protestors will go right back home and fill out those tax forms to pay these ridiculous taxes without a peep. Thats a sorry way to protest if you ask me.
So what are they upset about?

They are mainly upset that Obama is in charge of the stolen loot. They would rather a Republican be in charge. Why? that cannot be explained except by a term known as cognitive dissonance. The right needs to get past the Obama-bashing of the Limbaugh types and start questioning this system of plunder currently choking the life out of America.

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