Tuesday, June 22, 2010

States' Rights?

I've been watching this Arizona battle over immigration, legal or otherwise. Basically, the state of Arizona, feeling that the federal government is not doing their job (surprise!) will start arresting those they feel are not US citizens to have them deported. The way I see it, it will be a revolving door of deporting and immigration. So, look for another bureaucracy to pop up to handle this.

I also see it as a clever ploy. See, Arizona is running record budget deficits. They are up there with California when it comes to budget busting. Right now, the fake fight over immigration is a welcome diversion from their coming fiscal disaster.

Now DC wants to sue Arizona over its new law. The Feds have no place there. The best thing that SB 1070 opponents can do is to keep the fight in the State and not try to get federal help.

My solution? End the welfare and open the borders. Free up the marketplace.

Interestingly, some counties are suing and/or putting forth resolutions condemning the new law! Now, why can't they exercise rights?

County Rights! City Rights! Hopefully with the further talk of decentralization, people will finally come to the realization of the all encompassing respect for individual rights that should be the real goal of society.

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