Monday, July 5, 2010

Is Drug Dealing a sin?

I was listening to a pastor this past Sunday say that a person, who used to be a drug dealer, was now on the right track because he was no dealing drugs.

I got to thinking, why is drug dealing considered sinful? What about a pharmaceutical salesman, selling drugs to hospitals and doctors? Or someone who works for Budweiser or, maybe the Marlboro company? Are they in sin?

Selling products to willing consumers in and of itself is not sin. The argument could be made that selling cocaine to a known abuser of cocaine could be considered sinful. But how about selling to the casual user? Or maybe selling marijuana to someone who gets relief from their multiple sclerosis by smoking a joint? This to me, is not sinful.

So when this pastor was making this statement, he likely meant someone selling products without the permission of the State, which is unjust. There is no scripture mandating that you must follow unjust laws. If someone needs a product, and you have the ability to sell it to them and they are willing to buy, that is commendable.

Selling products without the permission of the State is NOT sinful.

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