Saturday, January 15, 2011

Re-thinking Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we approach another MLK holiday, I got to thinking about the ramifications of what this man had done.

We have him and many other Civil Rights leaders to thank for the repeal of many anti-miscegenation laws and segregation laws. He was a staunch anti-war advocate in his later years. Unfortunately he was a proponent of state sanctioned integration, affirmative action, among other things.

King also accepted the Margaret Sanger Award from Margaret Sanger, the abortion champion and founder of Planned Parenthood. He was known to have a distaste for rural black folks, who he felt where pulling down the "black race".

I also have an issue with the divinity given to Martin Luther King, Jr. It's near idol-worship and I feel it is very dangerous how the masses treat him. He was a regular man, did some good, some bad, but lived in an era and did things not many were willing to do.

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gyakusetsu said...

Thanks, Luke. I am actually speaking on "Letter from a Birmingham Jail", Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience", and Paul's "Philippians" tomorrow, on the topic "Letters from Jail." Quite nervous!