Tuesday, November 16, 2010

General Boykin and "right wing" fear mongers.

I put right wing in quotations because there really is no "right" and "left". Even if there was, they'd be part of the same State bird.

Gen. Boykin is a retired military officer who frequents the American Evangelical church circuit preaching about the "end times", against homosexuality and against Islam. He uses alot of war terms to describe the spiritual fight.

There isn't anything wrong with these positions at all. I do disagree on Boykin's view of eschatology, but that is a minor matter. I am also against homosexuality and believe it is sinful. I think Islam is bondage for those who follow it. There is alot of soldier symbolism for the believer in Scripture. We are told to put on the whole armour of righteousness. We are told to make war against our fleshly bodies which are prone to sin.

Here's the problem with Boykin: he's a Statist. Boykin was involved in the Waco massacre and the massacre of 2,500 Panamanians in order to obtain one man, Manuel Noriega, who was dealing drugs. He was involved in Bush's invasion of Iraq even though that one was based on lies. He was appointed to run the Iraqi prisons and to remake them into the Guantanomo Bay of Iraq.. Basically, Boykin has killed alot of innocent people and is a proud warrior for that criminal gang known as the State.

Boykin has also lost some big ones. He was commander during the failed and famed Mogadishu incident popularized by Black Hawk Down, he was commander during the failed attempt to rescue the American hostages at the US Embassy in Iran.

Since being rebuked by Bush for going too far in his Crusades rhetoric about the US vs. the Mideast, Boykin has been regularly touring Christian churches pushing his message about the problems facing America.

They of course center around the obvious; "socialism" -- which everyone is throwing around these days, "islam" and gays. Today, Boykin is saying that Marxism is making a triumphant return to the US. Now, in my opinion, we already have some elements of Marxism but really we are a Fascist State. Government and business go hand in hand and work together to maximize profits, privatize those profits and then socialize the losses. Come to think of it, the argument could be made that a "State" is fascism in and of itself.

So here we have Boykin in this video talking about Marxism making a comeback and Obama having a civilian constabulary force similar to the military. Okay, so what exactly are the DEA, FBI, CIA and US Marshalls? These arms of the State pretty much control every aspect of our lives today. How about the IRS? It seems that there are always stories of people going to prison for failing to become victims of a robbery.

And that's the trouble with these "right wing" and "left wing" guys, they NEVER seem to point to the State. It's always some symptomatic problem that they focus their attention on. To Boykin's credit, he acknowledges the enemy is Satan, true indeed. But, Satan controls the kingdoms aka "States" of this world. It would then seem logical to attack the evil of Statism as well, right? I won't hold my breath but I hope Boykin gets it someday.

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